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Individual & Family Therapy

Entering individual therapy is a self-determined choice to reflect, assess, and consider choices, options and potential for change. A person may request individual therapy for a myriad of reasons, but each person has a unique story and therapy should honour their personal life experiences. Individual therapy is offered separate from, or in addition to family therapy.


In family therapy, is critical to attend to the family system, and not place sole focus on the child.  For this reason, I intentionally interact with the child’s parents/guardians, family members, and adult figures. It is important to ensure that we are communicating about goals and changes that we are noticing in the home and school setting. A care team approach increases the probability of reaching desired service outcomes.

The interaction between parents and their children can be complex and challenging. Family therapy aims to support parents to approach and manage the emotional and behavioral problems their child may be experiencing. We provide support, clinical advice, and specific strategies and interventions to help parents approach challenging behaviors, and strengthen family relationships and bonds.


Common reasons for individuals and parents to enter therapy: 

* Conflict management and to prevent further conflict

* Increase communication and quality of life

* Learn and practice adaptive coping skills

* Reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms

* Strengthen relationships and support systems

* Highlight strengths, resources, and support systems

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